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How to book an appointment with our lawyers

Note 1: We do not respond to ad-hoc requests for advice or information.
Note 2: Once you book an appointment you may also be contacted by email re: payment and to confirm or reschedule the appointment.

  • By emailing us – This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • By calling us - 0425725570

After booking and once the payment is made the appointment usually and automatically gets confirmed (unless someone else books and pays before you). You may also be contacted by email or text to reconfirm the appointment before the consultation.


Once an appointment is booked we will send an email to you with payment instructions to secure the appointment. Once the payment is made the appointment usually and automatically gets confirmed.

If relevant at the time of the appointment we will provide you with a fixed fee (that is our policy) for the next step, there will be no hidden costs; we will not be charging any fees that have not been disclosed prior.

Consultation Methods

Your location does not matter we are also a virtual law firm. You can consult us via;

  • Skype
  • A teleconference – if within Australia – we will bear the costs.
  • Face to face meeting at our offices

Initial consultation Fees

Fees vary depending on the consultation type, duration and seniority of the lawyer.  Below is a rough guide.


  • All appointments are with An Australian Legal Practitioner (Barrister & Solicitor).
  • These appoints are for initial consultations
  • Professional fees are in AUD and include GST
Matter Type Professional fees
30 mts (for students only) 110
1hr (Migration Law) – basic /points assessment 149
1hr (Migration Law) – General advice 220
1hr (Migration Law) – complicated matters 330
30 mts (Other legal matters) – if complicated book 1hr 
(Criminal, Traffic, Family, Employment, etc.)
1hr (Other legal matters) 
(Criminal, Traffic, Family, Employment, etc.)
1hr with Solicitor and Counsel (complicated matter) 550


Initial consultation

Your appointment will be with an experienced lawyer and it is a very important meeting that could make or break your case. Your situation will be assessed and advice and strategies discussed. At the conclusion of the interview, you will have clear advice regarding your situation. If your matter is complex more time will be needed as we will not be able to properly interview you and assess your matter. (remember to add more time if we are required to check documents).

Providing and checking documents

If you need us check documents we will peruse them during the meeting. You must email them to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Next Step

After our advice at an initial consultation you can provide us instructions and retain us to act for you or book and other appointment to pursue the matter further. We will provide you with a fee estimation in writing before we start. It is our practice to give fixed fees so there are no hidden costs and surprises. See fees: http://www.dlegal.com.au/fee.html

Urgent telephone advice 24/7  

Our mobile hotline is 0425725570. Please note due to demand or other reasons if we are unable and do not respond;

  • within 30mts we recommend you to seek advice from another source if the matter is urgent and
  • send a text msg with the word - 'URGENT'

Urgent telephone advice 24/7 Fees:
Conference with solicitor 30mts - 220.00
Conference with solicitor 1hr - 350.00


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