Australian Migration PROCESS - Three Steps


  • We will only contact potential/prospective applicants.
  • We are NOT an “Employment Agency” however we may be able to assist to find you a contact.
  • Due to current complex nature of Migration Law & process we DO NOT provide adhoc information as it may be misleading and not proper legal advice. We only provide specific and accurate information with written file records in a paid consultation.
  • We do NOT ACCEPT cases unless we are of the firm opinion of you meeting the relevant regulatory criterion for a visa and a likely chance of a success.
  • After a success in each stage we may move to the next step. With each successful step clients will get closer to a visa (Note no guarantees can be provided by anyone for a visa until an application is lodged and a visa is granted!).

Occupations Lists

Skilled Occupations List (SOL)

Consolidated Sponsored Occupations List (CSOL)

Step 1:

Initial Assessment

Please email us an up to date resume and any documents (e.g.: English test results) we may ask as an attachment to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
After we receive your FULL AND UPDATED RESUME we will contact you for a consultation and inform you of our fees. We encourage you to use the link below rather than sending us emails.


Free Australian Visa Assessment



We will exercise our skills, experiences and judgment to provide you advice on the matter, as per the relevant legislative criteria (Migration Act 1958, Migration Regulations including schedule one and two criteria) and Policy Advice Manual).

- We will undertake a proper basic assessment of your case by asking relevant questions. This is the

most appropriate personalised assessment.  

- We will contact you for a consultation and inform you of our fees.

- We will advise you of the estimated total fees involved soon after the assessment

Step 2:


  • LOE is an agreement between us
  • We will have time plan for the work
  • We will have a conference with you and provide a check list of documents.
  • You provide us with the all the requested document
  • Once all the documents are to hand we will undertake the final and a full assessment – this may take between 3-4 week
  • We may request additional documentation from you.
  • We prepare submissions and peruse applications. This may take 3 weeks

2.1 LOE for a skills assessment

After an assessment the next step is the signing the 1st LOE for a skills assessment. LOE includes information about the Skills (Occupations) Assessment fees & our fees etc.

What is a Skills (Occupations) Assessment?

This is an evaluation of your qualifications to make sure that you are sufficiently qualified for your nominated occupation by the relevant assessing authority. You must obtain positive skills assessment before you lodge the migration application.

2.2 Preparing the final application and final LOE.

This is the last step. We will advise you of the fees and on your request we will prepare the final LOE. The final LOE will include all the information you will require. After signing the LOE we will take final step to prepare and lodge your application.


Step 3:

Final Step – Lodging the applications and Submissions.

Migration law and the statutory changes and can be found in the ComLaw contains the only database of Australian Government legislation that is authoritative for the purposes of legal proceedings. No other website in the world can make this claim. Other web sites including the department of immigration (DIAC) web site and the DIAC policy and our web site also should not be treated as the correct version of law and a fact finding legal body would also not treat DIAC web site information and its policy as law. The ultimate responsibly of interpreting the law is in the hands of the courts.


Dinesh Weerakkody is the Principal Legal practitioner at D LEGAL Barristers & Solicitors
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